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MicroDisk Warranties

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MicroDisk Memory Card User Guide

To use your MicroDisk memory card, first make sure the card and device slot are clean and dry. Insert your memory card it into the appropriate slot on your device. The card is designed to be inserted in only one direction and the device will be equipped to prevent improper card installation. Do not use excessive force.

Once the card is installed, initialization will vary according to the type of device (computer, digital camera, cell phone, etc.). After the card has been recognized and initialized by the device, you may use it to store and transfer files, images, etc. normally. The data on the card can also be completely erased to make room for new data. Refer to the user guide or manual for your device for detailed instructions on the use of flash memory devices.


  • Using any storage medium when the device battery is low is not recommended and could result in data loss.
  • Removing the memory card while data is transferring will result in data loss. Review the instructions for your devices on safe removal to ensure the integrity of your files.
  • Do not bend the memory device.
  • Your memory device may contain substances that require special disposal or recycling. Check local guidelines for proper disposal of any removable data storage device.
  • After contact with water Adventure line memory card and your equipment will need to be clean and dry when it's installed.