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MicroSDHC 16GB Adventure Class 10



Seaworthy data storage? Yep! We test our Adventure Class 10 cards to prove they'll hold up under a full meter of fresh or salt water for up to 75 hours. Okay, maybe you're not planning to jump overboard on your next cruise, but you can be confident that rain or accidental spills won't damage your data when you use this line of data cards. Please note that both the device and the card should be dry on installation to prevent damage.

Temperature extremes? No problem. From skiing adventures to desert treks, you can count on these memory cards to handle the same temperatures you and your equipment do. Safe operating temperature ranges of -25 to 85°C (-13 to 185°F) and storage temperature ranges from -40 to 85°C (-40 to 185°F) mean your data is protected in virtually any climate you decide to subject yourself and your digital electronic devices to. Of course, you need to be sure your equipment will handle the same temperatures.

Bad vibes won't do your data in. Choose the Adventure Class 10 line and keep your data safe with shock protection up to 2,000 Gs. Airplanes, loud music and other surprising sources can hammer your gadgetry with vibrations with no warning. Don't lose your files because of something you have no control over.

When you fumble, this data card series won't. We're all capable of clumsy moves and active people just tend to drop, bounce or bump themselves and their cell phones, camcorders and other digital devices occasionally. These rugged flash memory cards will withstand the impact of falls from heights up to 10M. Chances are good that, even if you damage the device, your data will still be intact.

No more fear of x-ray or magnetic field damage. Spending time in airports and on the road means your electronic devices are going to be subject to x-ray inspection and you're going to encounter strong magnetic fields, often without realizing it. That doesn't have to be a problem if your images or other files are safe on your data card, with built-in protection from both.

Higher visibility helps prevent loss. We've even made our Adventuire line of datas storage solutions easier to find, with a bright, high-visibility yellow label. This is especially convenient with the MicroSD form factor, since the card itself is small. You'll appreciate this feature when you accidentally drop your card in the field. (You're welcome!)

No compromises in speed, flexibility and performance. You might think that, with all these added features, we'd have to sacrifice some standard features. Not so, dear customer! The Adventure series of Class 10 MicroSDHC cards still delivers the same high-speed, reliable performance and capacity options as our standard MicroSDHC Class 10 cards. Though it costs a bit more, we believe you'll have a hard time finding all this robust quality at the same price anywhere else. And don't forget, all MicroDisk products are backed by our lifetime warranty.

For definitive performance when conditions are less than ideal and your data is important, MicroDisk's MicroSDHC Adventure Class 10 is all you need to know about data storage solutions.

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No grass grows beneath your feet. You prefer to be on the go and need digital electronics that can handle a few bumps along the way and still deliver premium performance. If the preceding applies to you, then our MicroSDHC Adventure Class 10 is the right choice for your compatible devices. This line of memory cards delivers the same speed and capacity options as our standard MicroSDHC Class 10 line, with the addition of a host of features to provide extra durability and data security.


Heat resistant: up to 85°C (185°F) operating and storage temperature
Cold resistant: down to -25°C (-13°F) operating, -40°C(-40°F) storage temperature
Shock resistant up to 2,000 Gs
Resistant to damage from x-rays
Resistant to damage from magnetic fields
High-visibility yellow label
Impact resistant to 10M (32.8 ft)
High speed, 133x (up to 20Mb/s) for less wait time.
3 capacity options: 8GB, 16GB, 32GB
Class 10 SD Association speed rating
Lifetime Warranty
Unparalleled technical support

Card dimensions: 11mm x 15mm x 1mm
Card weight: Approximately .5g
Number of pins: 8
Operating Voltage 2.7V - 3.6V

8, 16 & 32GB
Note: Some card space is required to be used for formatting purposes.
Speed rating: 133x (10Mb/sguraranteed minimum write, up to 20Mb/s read/write)
File system: FAT 16/32
Data security: software
Warranty protection: Limited Lifetime Warranty

Microdisk is your best choice for memory cards, offering a broad variety of styles and options to suit the diverse needs of consumers, from cell phones and PDAs to digital video recorders. For the best value on proven performance, shop Microdisk first.