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MicroSDHC 32GB Class 10



Fast transfers help you get the most out of your gadgets. Class 10 speed means transfer speeds of up to 20Mb/second, to give you smoother video, shorter recovery time between shots and quicker downloads. Unleash the full capabilities of your devices with data storage that's up to the task. Full-motion HD video and continuous high-resolution stills are only some of the ways you'll see improved performance.

Capacity choices for maximum flexibility. Card capacities of 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB give you the option of always having the right size data card for the job on hand. If you need a full day's worth of images on a single card, we've got you covered. If you just want to file a few images with documentation of a project, there's no need to waste extra storage space. Choose the capacity you need, when you need it.

Superior technology and manufacturing at a reasonable price. Like all MicroDisk products, our entire MicroSDHC line is engineered and manufactured with the most technologically-advanced methods possible. We believe that providing a product that's a cut above the competitor's at a price our customers can afford is the key to our success. Our MicroSDHC Class 10 storage solutions are no exception.

Rock-solid dependability – guaranteed. Thanks to rigorous testing in the lab and in the field, we're confident in the consistent, reliable performance of every product we manufacture. We assure our customers of it with our lifetime warranty. You can count on our data storage solutions, period.

Standards-compliant, to ensure compatibility. Engineering our memory cards to meet or exceed industry standards means you can rest assured our storage devices will work as expected in all your equipment that meets those same standards. Because the standards call for backward compatibility, MicroDisk products in this line will still work in upcoming gadgets that support MicroSDHC technology.

If you're in the market for the ultimate in high-speed storage for your digital equipment that won't let you down, at a price that won't empty your wallet, our MicroSDHC Class 10 memory cards are exactly what the doctor ordered.

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For maximum speed and capacity in the MicroSD frame, you simply can't beat our MicroSDHC Class 10 data cards. No one but MicroDisk offers matchless speed, capacity and reliability at such an affordable price. When you need top performance from your MicroSDHC-capable electronic devices, our Class 10 line is the right choice for your smart phone, pad or camcorder.


3 capacity options: 8GB, 16GB, 32GB
Class 10 SD Association speed rating
Lifetime Warranty
Unparalleled technical support

Card dimensions: 11mm x 15mm x 1mm
Card weight: Approximately .5g
Number of pins: 8
Operating Voltage 2.7V - 3.6V

8, 16 & 32GB
Note: Some card space is required to be used for formatting purposes.
Speed rating: 133x (10Mb/sguraranteed minimum write, up to 20Mb/s read/write)
File system: FAT 16/32
Data security: software
Warranty protection: Limited Lifetime Warranty

Microdisk is your best choice for memory cards, offering a broad variety of styles and options to suit the diverse needs of consumers, from cell phones and PDAs to digital video recorders. For the best value on proven performance, shop Microdisk first.