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MicroSDHC 32GB Adventure Class 4



Temperature extremes shouldn't lead to data loss. With a safe operating range of -25 to 85°C (-13 to 185°F) and a storage range of -40 to 85°C (-40 to 185°F), your digital files are safer on our cards. Next time your cell phone stays in the sun for too long or your tablet gets stuck in the luggage compartment while your flight is routed over the Arctic, you can count on your valuable data being intact. These data cards can take the heat – and the cold.

Water, water everywhere? No problem. Let's face it, with 2/3 of the planet covered with water and Mother Nature's surprises, the chances of your devices coming into contact with moisture are pretty good. Adventure series flash memory cards will withstand up to 75 hours under a meter of salt water or fresh water. As long as you clean and dry your card before inserting it in your device, an accidental spill or a summer shower isn't a problem.

Enhanced vibration protection for unexpected shake-ups. Earthquakes. Air turbulence. Washboarded roads. There are dozens of ways your sensitive electronic gadgetry can be subjected to unwanted vibration. Be prepared for those events with shock protection against up to 2,000 Gs of force. You never know what might happen next.

X-rays and magnets are no longer an issue. Travel by air and your digital devices are going to be x-rayed. No need to worry with this line; your data is immune to damage from x-rays. What's more, strong magnetic fields, like those generated by high-tension lines, microwave ovens and radar have been known to destroy data on other devices, but on our Adventure data cards, your files are protected against damage from these sources, too.

Impact resistance for those occasional mishaps. No one plans to drop important electronics, but just in case it happens, these data cards are proven to withstand drops of up to 10 meters (32.8 feet). Better safe than sorry.

High visibility labels help prevent loss. One sure way to lose all the data on a card is to lose the card. We help you avoid that dilemma with the bright, yellow label on our Adventure memory cards. Not only does it make them easier to locate in your bag, they're easier to find if you accidentally drop them somewhere.

Still the same premium performance. You might think that all this data protection means compromising on speed or capacity. Not so. This line delivers the same speed characteristics and all the same capacity options as our standard MicroSDHC Class 4 data cards. It's just built tougher.

Solid and reliable, too. Microdisk's reputation is based on products you can rely on. Our Adventure series of flash memory solutions carries the same lifetime warranty that backs our other products. Our data storage products are dependable. We guarantee it.

Don't trust your files to just another data card. Protect them with MicroDisk'a Adventure series.


When toughness matters, MicroDisk's Adventure series of MicroSDHC data cards proves that small doesn't mean fragile. Packed with features to enable them to stand up to harsh conditions and less-than-gentle treatment, these hardy little cards help keep your data safe, while you go about your active lifestyle. If you need the kind of cell phone, tablet or digital camera that performs in tough environments, you need equally robust storage devices. Our Adventure line delivers that toughness.


Water resistant up to 75 hours in 1M fresh or saline
Heat resistant: up to 85°C (185°F) operating and storage temperature
Cold resistant: down to -25°C (-13°F) operating, -40°C (-40°F) storage temperature
Shock resistant up to 2,000 Gs
Resistant to damage from x-rays
Resistant to damage from magnetic fields
High-visibility yellow label
Impact resistant to 10M (32.8 ft)
4 SDHC capacity options: 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB
Class 4 SD Association speed rating
Lifetime Warranty
Unparalleled technical support

Card dimensions: 11mm x 15mm x 1mm
Card weight: Approximately .5g
Number of pins: 8
Operating Voltage 2.7V - 3.6V

4, 8, 16 & 32GB
Note: Some card space is required to be used for formatting purposes.
Speed rating: 4Mb/s guraranteed minimum write speed
File system: FAT 16/32
Data security: software
Warranty protection: Limited Lifetime Warranty

Microdisk is your best choice for memory cards, offering a broad variety of styles and options to suit the diverse needs of consumers, from cell phones and PDAs to digital video recorders. For the best value on proven performance, shop Microdisk first.