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MicroDisk Product line
  1. MicroSDHC 16GB Class 4

    MicroSDHC 16GB Class 4

    MicroDisk MicroSDHC Class 4: When affordable, simple data storage is what it's all about.
    Our Class 4 MicroSDHC line of data cards offers ideal solutions for all your compatible devices. Available in the full range of capacities from 4 to 32GB, these devices deliver optimum performance and versatile, reliable storage in a small package. From pictures and music on your cell phone to video on your netbook, you'll find the best choice in flash memory cards for your MicroSDHC-compatible gadgets here. Learn More
  2. MicroSDHC 8GB Adventure Class 10

    MicroSDHC 8GB Adventure Class 10

    MicroDisk MicroSDHC Adventure Class 10: The ultimate micro data storage solution for your active lifestyle.
    No grass grows beneath your feet. You prefer to be on the go and need digital electronics that can handle a few bumps along the way and still deliver premium performance. If the preceding applies to you, then our MicroSDHC Adventure Class 10 is the right choice for your compatible devices. This line of memory cards delivers the same speed and capacity options as our standard MicroSDHC Class 10 line, with the addition of a host of features to provide extra durability and data security. Learn More
  3. MicroDisk SDHC 8GB Class 10 Adventure

    SDHC 8GB Class 10 Adventure

    MicroDisk SDHC/SDXC Class 10 Adventure: High speed data storage plus durability for photographers on the go.
    Our Adventure line packs all the high-speed punch of our SDHC/SDXC Class 10 series, along with a host of features that make these data cards more rugged. If your specialty is sports, outdoor or nature photography, or if you just don't spend your time in a nice, safe, studio, you need storage solutions that standup to the same conditions you do. The Adventure series of cards delivers unmatched toughness to protect your images under the worst conditions. Learn More
  4. MicroSDHC 16GB Adventure Class 4

    MicroSDHC 16GB Adventure Class 4

    MicroDisk MicroSDHC Adventure Class 4: Rugged data storage solutions for your mobile devices.
    When toughness matters, MicroDisk's Adventure series of MicroSDHC data cards proves that small doesn't mean fragile. Packed with features to enable them to stand up to harsh conditions and less-than-gentle treatment, these hardy little cards help keep your data safe, while you go about your active lifestyle. If you need the kind of cell phone, tablet or digital camera that performs in tough environments, you need equally robust storage devices. Our Adventure line delivers that toughness. Learn More
  5. MicroDisk SDHC 16GB Class 10 Standard

    SDHC 16GB Class 10

    MicroDisk SDHC/SDXC Class 10: The ultimate in high speed for digital cameras and camcorders.
    Our SDHC/SDXC Class 10 Standard product line is engineered to suit the needs of professional photographers and videographers, delivering blazing speed and enough space to keep you shooting longer between card swaps. Officially rated at Class 10, our memory cards push the envelope and deliver even better performance, hence the name. When speed is important, our edge on the competition will give you the edge on yours. Learn More
  6. MicroSDHC 16GB Class 10

    MicroSDHC 16GB Class 10

    MicroDisk MicroSDHC Class 10: Plenty of punch in a small package.
    For maximum speed and capacity in the MicroSD frame, you simply can't beat our MicroSDHC Class 10 data cards. No one but MicroDisk offers matchless speed, capacity and reliability at such an affordable price. When you need top performance from your MicroSDHC-capable electronic devices, our Class 10 line is the right choice for your smart phone, pad or camcorder. Learn More
  7. CompactFlash 8GB 300x

    CompactFlash 8GB 300x

    MicroDisk CompactFlash 300x: Affordable, reliable storage for your digital images and videos.
    If you need an affordable, high-speed storage solution for digital photos and full-motion videos, our 300x CF data cards are the answer. Transfer speeds of 45MB/s make this line suitable for both the professional and amateur, and Microdisk's advanced technology gives you extremely reliable performance at less cost. We take pride in offering the greatest value for your dollar and this line of flash memory cards is the perfect example. Learn More