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Privacy Policy

Updated: April 9, 2012


MicroDisk is dedicated to protecting the privacy of our customers and website visitors. This Privacy Policy describes and governs MicroDisk's collection and use of data through this website. MicroDisk recommends thorough reading of this policy and that of any other websites you may visit. By your use of this website, you acknowledge understanding and consent to the policies described herein. By entering any requested information, you consent to its use as set forth in this policy.


Privacy Policy Updates

MicroDisk may, on occasion and at its sole discretion, make modifications and updates to this policy. Any and all changes made will be posted as an update to this document. Notices of signifgicant updates will be posted as appropriate on our website and customers may be notified by email as allowed or required by law. Changes made to this document will immediately replace the previous policy and your continued use of this website constitutes your acceptance of said changes.



Collection of Personal Data

MicroDisk may collect certain personal data from visitors to this website. 'Personal data' is any information that can be used to directly identify an individual, including, but not limited to name, title, physical address, mailing address, phone number, email address and other information necessary to deliver a product or service.


Personal information is retrieved with the full consent of the individual visitor and all necessary precautions are taken to protect the privacy of the visitor. Please note that any personal information gathered is necessary to complete the associated transactions and your refusal to provide any requested information may prevent MicroDisk from completing said transactions.

Personal data collected is used solely for the operation of this website and to provide services requested by the visitor.


Collection of Other Data

 MicroDisk may also collect other, non-personal information from visitors, including IP address and/or other connection information, location, time zone, tracking information, browser information or other information required for research, testing and improvement of our services. We may also request demographic information for the purpose of analyzing survey information.


How Data is Collected

Personal and non-personal information are gathered largely from this website, however we may also collect information by email and by offline methods, including call centers, postal mail and live events.



Cookies and Other Technologies

MicroDisk utilizes cookies, which are small files created by our server and stored on your computer for the purposes of identifying a user during transactions, on successive visits, or for other technical reasons. Cookies may be stored on the user's computer between visits to our website or may be automatically deleted after a transaction is completed. Altering the security settings of your browser to prevent delivery of cookies may prevent you from using site features or completing transactions. Cookies do not contain malicious code or sensitive information. You may delete cookies from your computer at any time via the menu on your browser.


Cookies may also be stored on your computer by third parties during order processing and payment transactions, depending on e-commerce and payment choices and settings. Those cookies are used by those parties for transaction and payment purposes.

We may also use cookies and other technologies from time to time to identify and track individual visitors. Any such technologies will be used strictly for statistical analysis and other processes to help improve the quality of our visitors' experience on our website.


Sharing of Data

No personal information collected is sold, leased, rented or otherwise shared with third parties without the express consent of the customer. By entering personal information on our website, you acknowledge that we may share certain information with authorized third parties as necessary for the following:

• Completion of payment processing, shipping and other actions associated with completing transactions on the website
• Storage, backup or retrieval of database information necessary to provide services through our webste


Compliance with regional laws or to defend our rights under the law
• As required or deemed appropriate at our discretion for the prevention or investigation of suspected illegal activities or violation of our terms of service.


In the event of a company merger, bankruptcy or other legal matter that requires full disclosure of holdings.


In any event requiring disclosure of information to other parties, MicroDisk will disclose only such information as is absolutely necessary for the application and will provide the information in a manner that provides for the security of the customer.


Storage of Data

MicroDisk may retain your personal information in one or more databases or other mediums for the purposes of processing orders and otherwise serving customer needs. All precautions are taken to ensure the security of the data stored and to protect our customers.


Data is retained only as long as necessary for its purpose or as otherwise required under the law. Personal information is disposed of by the most secure means at hand. This applies to both electronic and printed records.


Use of Personal Data

MicroDisk uses your personal data to complete transactions and perform other services through our website. We may occasionally use your data to contact you about new products or services as they come available, or to invite you to participate in research or surveys intended to improve the quality of our services. Your data is never collected or used without first obtaining your consent.


Data collected is used to provide services to our clients and to improve on those services. By entering information on our website, you agree that MicroDisk may use the information to:

• provide a custom, personalized experience on our website
• provide products or service as requested
• provide customer support and/or technical support
• provide you with access to interactive activies on our website
• communicate with you about our products or services


Links to Third-party Sites
Links to websites and and social networks owned and managed by others may be found on our website at any time. While we make every effort to screen the sites linked to for quality and integrity, MicroDisk is not responsible for the content or information management of these websites and assumes no liability for them.


Information From Minors
MicroDisk does not sell products to or intentionally collect any information from children. Children of minor age in their respective countries must be supervised by a responsible adult when using our website. Any information entered into our database found to have been provided by a child less than 1 years of age will be deleted from our databases, servers and company files.


Contact MicroDisk for Further Information
If you have questions or concerns about this privacy policy or other privacy issues, please contact MicroDisk via Contact form