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CompactFlash 32GB Adventure 300x



You can take the heat – and the cold. So can we. From desert heat to bitter cold, MicroDisk's CF Adventure 300X data cards keep your data secure when you visit extreme climates. When in transit, you can count on our tested -40 to 85°C (-40 to 185°F) storage temperature performance, and safe operating temperatures from -25 to 85°C (-13 to 185°F) mean your data will be written consistently on the ski slopes or out there in the stadium heat.

Airports and power lines can be a little less scary. Next time you take your camcorder or DSLR to an airport or government installation, you can let them x-ray it without losing your valuable data, thanks to the Adventure series' built-in x-ray protection. Likewise, the strong magnetic fields generated by devices like metal detectors, electrical generators, and high-voltage power lines won't cause issues with your data if it's stored on our CF Adventure 300X memory cards.

Shake it up, Baby! Travel can subject you and everything you carry to unwanted vibrations in many ways, from air turbulence to washboard roads. Don't let those shakeups destroy irreplaceable photos or movies. MicroDisk's Adventure 300X CompactFlash cards are designed and tested to handle up to 2000 Gs of shock. You'd have a hard time generating that kind of vibration in any situation.

Impact resistance for even more protection. We've manufactured our Adventure series to handle the impact of a fall from heights up to 10 meters. That means if you accidentally drop your camera or camcorder, your data should be intact, even if the equipment is damaged. Let's face it, accidents happen and even one such event could make the minimal extra cost of this series a worthwhile investment.

That bright yellow label isn't just for looks. We've even made these data cards easier to find, by adding a high-visibility, yellow label. That may sound like a minor thing, and hopefully it is. But isn't it a good feeling to know that if you drop your card while changing it, that label will stand out, even out in the deep woods? We think so, too.

The same superior technology in a tougher package. We don't sacrifice quality, speed or capacity to bring you this extra protection for your images, videos or other important files. The CF Adventure 300X line is packed with all the same features as the standard CF 300X. We've simply added features to protect your data if you're the type of person who doesn't do everything with kid gloves.

Guaranteed dependability for as long as you own it. It's easy to talk about what your products will do. At MicroDisk, we believe that talk only goes so far. That's why we stand behind this line of data storage solutions with the same lifetime warranty as our other products.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or budding amateur, you'll appreciate the extra toughness of our CF Adventure 300X memory cards. You'll appreciate our pricing, too!

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A daring lifestyle doesn't mean you have to risk losing your pictures or video recordings. Not when there's incredible data protection available in our Adventure series of CF 300X memory cards. Go ahead and get out and about and entrust your files to our hardy line of data storage solutions, designed with active customers in mind.


Heat resistant: up to 85°C (185°F) operating and storage temperature
Cold resistant: down to -25°C (-13°F) operating, -40°C (-40°F) storage temperature
Shock resistant up to 2,000 Gs
Resistant to damage from x-rays
Resistant to damage from magnetic fields
High-visibility yellow label
Impact resistant to 10M (32.8 ft)

4 capacity options: 8GB, 16GB, 32GB
300x Speed rating (45MB/s)
Lifetime Warranty
Unparalleled technical support

Card dimensions: 43×36×3.3 mm
Card weight: Approximately 10g
Number of pins: 50
Operating Voltage +3.3V or +5V
Capacities: 8, 16, 32GB (Some card space is used for formatting purposes.)
Speed rating: 45MB/s guaranteed minimum write speed
File system: FAT 16/32
Data security: software
Warranty protection: Limited Lifetime Warranty

Microdisk is your best choice for memory cards, offering a broad variety of styles and options to suit the diverse needs of consumers, from cell phones and PDAs to digital video recorders. For the best value on proven performance, shop Microdisk first.