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At MicroDisk, we take pride in bringing you the highest quality in flash memory devices, while offering the most reasonable prices in the industry. This is our commitment to our customers and the focus of our business. We utilize cutting-edge manufacturing techniques coupled with expert engineering, design and strenuous testing to produce products that your customers can rely on for consistent performance. Each of our proven products is backed by a lifetime warranty and unmatched customer support.


While those qualities alone would be enough to justify placing our products in your retail stores, we believe that innovation is the key to our success. To that end, we create products that not only meet the strictest standards, but also outperform those of other manufacturers. For example, our Class 10 line of memory cards consistently provides faster data transfer speeds than those required to meet the Class 10 standard, while retailing at a price equal to or below our competitors' Class 10 cards. Need another example? Our Adventure series of flash memory products, available in several form factors, capacities and speeds, offers temperature resistance, immunity to x-rays and magnetic fields, extreme shock and impact resistance, water resistance in some form factors, and high visibility to help prevent loss – all without sacrificing speed, capacity or reliability.


In short, MicroDisk offers our distributors, retailers and end users a better quality product, backed by outstanding customer support and a lifetime warranty. What's more, we offer it at impressively reasonable prices to give you an additional advantage in a highly competitive consumer market. Our product line currently includes data cards to suit most digital devices and we are rapidly expanding it to offer UHS-1 cards, SSD storage devices, USB flash drives and card readers in the very near future. We will continue to develop exciting new products as technology advances and new needs arise.


Our research and development teams simply won't be outdone. We may be the new kids on the block, but we intend to be a household name in a very short time.


We are currently recruiting distributors to offer our products to customers worldwide. This ground-floor opportunity won't come again. The marketing is in place, production is up to speed and we're ready to launch new ad campaigns to help spread the word about our company. Be ready to say, "Yes, we stock MicroDisk memory products!" We're currently offering 2 levels of partnership:


1) Become an exclusive distributor: The greatest profits for MicroDisk distributors will be realized through exclusive distributorships. These distributors will have the right to contract with retailers and other distributors in their country or region to allow them to offer our products. In addition to limiting your competition, you'll receive the deepest discounts on all of our merchandise. In addition, we've devised a unique bonus system strictly for exclusive distributors! These lucrative opportunities are going fast, and are, of course, limited. You'll need to respond quickly to lock down the distributorship in your country or region.
Eligibility for an exclusive distributorship is based on a commitment to order a minimum quantity of products per month and maintain advertising standards. We'd love to hear your offer, so contact us to discuss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Let's build successful businesses together.


2) Become a distributor: Expand your business by offering our product line to your customer base. You'll benefit from offering the highest quality in data storage solutions to your customer at the best possible prices. No overall minimum order quantities apply over and above our standard minimum order for small capacity devices. While these partners won't see the same discounts as our exclusive distributors, they will receive bonuses with every product order they receive.


If you're a consumer electronics wholesaler, this is your opportunity to offer the industry's newest and best flash memory devices at the best prices.


I encourage you to take advantage of this rare opportunity to be part of a successful team, dedicated to providing the best that technology can offer to a digitally-aware public. Please visit to learn about our current and upcoming products, then contact MicroDisk at to begin your distributorship or retail agreement today!